Sunday, November 22, 2009


How many people have tried to capture the autumn colors here (and failed)?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anniversary Get-Away!

Last weekend was our 2-year anniversary. Joel surprised me with a trip to Jackson Hole to visit the valley where I left my heart. The photos don't do justice to the experience.

Would you believe me if I told you that we were at Reagan at 4 in the morning? READY TO GO!!

Layover in Chicago:

Joel was thinking of giving the pilot a lesson in landing...

Arriving in Jackson Hole brought back a lot of memories. Especially all the elk antlers everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I had forgotten that mountain women can decorate anything if they just have a few antlers on hand.Like an old friend who had waited patiently for my return, here is the view from where we were snowboarding:On Sunday, our friends and we used cross-country skis to access some geothermal hot springs in Yellowstone National Park. On the way, we were reminded of how quickly a forest can repopulate after a forest fire: Can you see the cross-country ski tracks right next to this guy's "social bubble?" Needless to say, we took the LONG WAY around. We knew we were getting close by the sight of steam rising from the river.

Not much longer, and we were IN the hot springs! Do you notice the fading light? We didn't...

So it was a bit of an adventure getting the 3 miles back to the vehicle in the dark. Through the mountains. In the forest. Soaking wet. Thank goodness Laurie brought a headlamp! You know that on the way IN we had been making fun of her for bringing it. On the way out, we were all pretty quiet...

When we arrived back "home", we were blessed with hot showers and a beautiful suite. Our view alone from the McKay house was worth the entire trip:

The alpen glow not more than 5 minutes later:

Thank you to The Summit who made the entire trip a dream-come-true.

We'll be back, Teton Valley!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Viral, baby!!

You've never lived until you've seen this short video. Rate it five stars or we're not friends.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yes, hi. I know, I know. Leave me alone about how long it's been. I have news and photos! A few weeks ago (2?), Andrew and Katie and Jaden came to Washington, D.C. to visit us. Ah, yes, and to visit the Capital. Enjoy some photos from their trip:

Yes, there are copious amounts of photos of all of the monuments & memorials. However, I just like sharing the ones that best show the family's relationship. Jaden's sucker is in the shape of none other than our own space shuttle which we visited in the National Air & Space Museum.
They even learned how to navigate our metro rail system. Where's Waldo (and his family?)

Cutest kid EVER to ride the D.C. Metro.

This last weekend Joel and I traveled to Kentucky to attend the wedding of our wonderful friends Kweku & Laura. Joel drove the whole way there:

As soon as we arrived at the site, I began snapping photos. The site they chose is called "High Bridge Park", overlooking the Kentucky River and a beautiful bridge:

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thanks for the Heads-Up, Katie!

I should just have a "links" section. For now, however, click here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our dog hates Christmas. He's a real Scrooge.

I promise promise promise to post some meat-and-potatoes info on our new lives. Soon. However, to tide you over, click here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Every winter for the last 6 years I've lived in the Rocky Mountains, working at ski areas and living at the resorts. It's been paradise. Folks across America pay thousands of dollars a DAY just to be where I live and I get paid for it! It's definitely been a time to remember. Well, in the summertimes, I get to choose my adventure. Depending on capricioius moods, I've chosen to live in Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, and Washington, D.C. in the summertimes. However, when I fell in love with this farmer from Minnesota, I decided to stick around the Rockies for the last two summers. This means I didn't have to make the trek BACK out west to snowboard competitively. I was (am) already there. MEANWHILE, my parents have been in Baltimore, taking care of my mom's mom, aptly named "mommom" by all of us who love her. She's not young anymore, but has the mindset of a thirty-something, which means she'll get on a ladder if that's what it takes to clean the gutters. So my folks stay there to help. The most joyful people on earth are exploring ways of expanding the Kingdom of God and have fun all at the same time. OH, and I almost forgot -- they're making silly amounts of money flipping houses. No, they're not always engaged in a riot, "flipping" homes means buying them low, fixing them up a bit, and selling them quickly. You've probably seen the shows, "Flip This House" or "Extreme Home Makeover" or "This Wall Would Look Better Over There." They're all on prime-time TV. Two of them are, anyway. The other one I made up.
Recently Dad called us with an offer that's impossible to pass up. He wants us there to help! It might be drastic, but we're packing.
No, no, I take that back -- it's not drastic, that's the best part. Joel and I have been praying for months about moving closer to Brock and Esther and Reagan in Anaheim, CA. I want in on some of this family crap! When we got the offer to help my folks, we entered into prayer immediately. The valley looks different when you're not financially stuck here. Boy, it's beautiful. THE MOST beautiful place I've ever been. And the people seem flawless. I know that they're not, of course, but they've spoon-fed us to health spiritually, and that was not a small feat. The trainwreck that I was when I arrived hasn't been any reason for these people to shy away from giving us their entire hearts, along with employment, furniture, a fridge, encouragement, a bed, a wood stove, prayer, a dishwasher, wise marriage counsel, a TV, manpower at our wedding, recipes, a couch, use of a boat, and many more things I won't take the time to list. We asked the church to pray with us about this opportunity. I'm no expert on "hearing from God" or anything, I think it's kind of weird. However, I almost felt as if He could scoff at our pleas for direction. We asked for it nonetheless, and we also asked for release. To tell you the truth, I also asked for heart-callouses until I could break away and THEN grieve the distance we're putting between us and the Summit. I haven't received those yet.

So there we are. A new post. It might be a happy one for some folks to read, but it might be hurtful for others. If you're happy at the news, please pray for us as we break it to the folks we've learned to lean on.

And don't try to kid yourself. You came to this website for some killer photos. Who am I not to cough up some of those, while I'm here?

One of the things I'll miss the most is the view outside my kitchen window:

Same kitchen view, just a few hours later:

Also, folks who hear I'm going to a city seem excited for me that there will be "things to do." Truthfully, however, I'm going to miss the "things to do" here. The list is short, but good. It includes going to the drive-in:

...and watching the kids play on the lawn under the big screen at the drive-in before the films show.

And... well... that's about it. A few weeks ago Jake and Christin's best friends and relatives came here from Texas and we went camping for a few days. On the way up to the glacial lake, we got a flat tire.

Waiting for help to arrive, we were all SO bummed. Especially the men.
There was only one of us whose happiness couldn't be phased.

By the time we finally arrived and set up camp, it was dark. Joel began to tell ghost stories.

The next day...

You probably don't need explanation for THIS game:

The one thing I'll miss the very most is:

We'll be back, Teton Valley.